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Hi, they call me "Kate"! I'm 795 years old, which is pretty young for an elf. My favorite color is turquoise and my favorite fruit is mango. I'm a huge nerd, an undergraduate linguist, and my number one role model in life is Jon Ronald Reuel Tolkien (Jirt).


This semester I had the opportunity to make a language, something I've been casually playing around with, under the guise of "grades" and "getting a degree". I thought it would be interesting to create a conlang that I would actually get to speak in life for creative fun. I’m a big fan of tabletop RPGs and LARPing, so I decided to create a language that could believably fit into the world of the latest game I have been playing, Numenera. Language is somewhat vaguely touched upon in the game materials, mostly in reference to the mainland lingua franca, Truth. From the mentions in the game, I guess that Truth borrows vocabulary and sounds from both English and possibly Greek, with a mild Sapir-Whorf idea of it being strictly organized grammatically and syntactically to promote truthfulness in speakers. It is my hope to eventually create what I think of as Truth, as well as another language from the same locale as Seaspeak, Laido, and then play around with a prolonged contact scenario between island languages with minor borrowing from Truth. There is a “pidgin” language, Ayon, mentioned in the game as also spoken in the Rayskel Cays location, which is more widely spoken than Truth. I see Seaspeak, thus, as only the beginning of a network of possible conlangs.


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